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Addison Conn

Addison Conn


Addison Conn was born and raised in Rutherford County, and now proudly writes for Reaching RoCo as a general assignment writer. Growing up, Addison Conn attended Rutherford Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy before matriculating into Haverford College, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in English and Visual Studies. His work at Haverford centered on the production of race in society and how race is portrayed in American media. He loves to write, and currently works as a City Year AmeriCorps member in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rutherford County holds a special place in Addison Conn’s heart, and his writing focuses on a wide variety of topics concerning the county, its community, its youth, and education standards across the K-12 school system. While in middle and high school, Conn played soccer and Quiz Bowl for Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy. To this day, he still loves to learn and seek new information and perspectives. He hopes to convey the concerns and hopes of younger generations through his writing in order to build a better future. Conn is also a talented artist, drawing much of his creative inspiration from his father and mother, who are both teachers. By bringing both his writing and his artistic skills to Reaching RoCo, Addison Conn hopes to engage every resident with his work.

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