Youth, Young Adults & Those That Guide Them

ReachingROCO--whose former brand name was Reaching Rutherford--started out as a social justice initiative under the umbrella of Blue Ridge Hope. As Reaching Rutherford hit its peak popularity as on online forum, a great need arose for a tutor/mentor program during COVID after our schools shut down. Reaching Rutherford operated during the Fall of 2020, and continued into the Spring of 2021 serving 35 students, with the help of 11 volunteers/mentors, as an after-school program across Rutherford County.  As Reaching Rutherford transitioned to ReachingROCO, Blue Ridge Hope vowed to continue its social justice initiative and tutorial program under a new name:  HopeWorks. 

As of May 11th 2021, ReachingROCO became the rebranded entity for Reaching Rutherford, incorporated as EXOHORIZONS LLC. ReachingROCO's mission is to engage youth, young adults, and those that guide them. EXOHORIZONS LLC is a legally registered limited liability company operating under the assumed business name of ReachingROCO in the state of North Carolina. It seeks to empower and cultivate positive change in the upcoming generation.

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The Town of Rutherfordton (MyRutherfordton via Facebook) hosts a morning show called Brewtiful Mornings where featured guests are able to highlight updates on things going on in the town of Rutherfordton. Our founder, R.J. Aiken, was able to share some updates on ReachingROCO, but also set the the them with our mission. "Youth, Young Adults, & Those That Guide Them". Aiken was joined by Addie Harris the Community Capacity Director at Blue Ridge Hope, Reagan John, Programs Coordinator  at the Norris Public Library in Rutherfordton, NC. Together they highlighted that there were a multitude of opportunities available for the upcoming generation right in the Town of Rutherfordton. Magnolia Long,, Community Developer, and Doug Barrick (Town Manager) were awesome to provide the platform and continue to foster young entrepreneurship and leadership in the Rutherfordton community. #OneTownOneTeam